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Environmentally conscious company

Sustainability & environmental awareness are important topics in today's age. behr Labortechnik GmbH has been involved in these topics for several years.

The environmentally conscious handling of materials, resources and raw substances is a defining culture at behr

This is why for us, it is a matter of course that our investments are always dedicated to the maintenance & modernization of behr.

For this reason, investments have been made continuously over the past years to renew company premises. A large portion of this went to the modernization and renovation of the ion exchangers. Following a two-year phase of modernization and the investment of a large sum, the regeneration station was put back into operation in 2016.

The system is TÜV certified and has the approval of the water authority of the environmental agency of Düsseldorf.

Following modernization, water consumption, energy consumption and chemical consumption were significantly and sustainably reduced. Consumption of raw materials is therefore reduced and the more effective & environmentally friendly use of resources ensured.

It therefore comes as no surprise that behr has been
awarded for its environment management system.
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