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behr a family business with tradition

Internationally focused, constantly innovative, close to our customers and deeply rooted in our location in Düsseldorf for over 65 years.


Historic company milestones of behr Labor-Technik GmbH:


Establishment of Franz Behr Laborbedarf [Franz Behr Laboratory Supplies] as a trade business in the field of laboratory devices and supplies.


Setup of an in-house glassblowing workshop.


Establishment of a workshop for plastics processing and the development of a regeneration station for water inertization.


Manufacture of the first hyaluronic® water inertization.


Mr. Jürgen Behr joins the company to mark the second generation of the family-run business.


behr joins the VGKL ("The association wants to represent and improve the general professional and commercial interests of the wholesale and the foreign trade dealing with nursing and laboratory supplies").


The production of behrotest® devices for environmental and food analysis is launched.

Expansion the of service area and customized manufacture in accordance with customer requirements by setting up workshops for electronics and precision engineering.


Franz Behr Laborbedarf changes to behr Labor-Technik GmbH.


Expansion of the company premises reaching its current size, with training rooms and modern application laboratory.


Takeover of the research and development team of Ströhlein GmbH & Co. KG under the management of  Prof. Johannes Kupka and establishment of a new business unit: Development and production of devices for elementary analysis (AOX, EOX, POX, AOS, carbon and sulfur determination).


The quality management of behr Labor-Technik GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


Download of the current certificate.


behr Labor-Technik is awarded the Ökoprofit certificate in 2008.


Ökoprofit is a project of the Local Agenda Düsseldorf and an element of the Düsseldorf Climate Protection Program.


Ökoprofit is awarded to businesses that increase their resource efficiency, minimize their operative risks, secure their jobs and increase competitiveness, particularly with regard to saving energy and energy efficiency.




Setup of an in-house export office

Longstanding experience in the field of export, annual training on the latest export regulations.

Approval as a known consignor by the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

Service for customers:

Import of special goods from abroad, eliminates costs administration of receivables for our customers.


Mr. Maurice Behr joins company management to mark the third generation of the family-run business.


Modernization and automation of our regeneration system for ion exchangers (mixed-bed resins) pursuant to the latest legal framework conditions

Benefits for our customers:

  • Highest quality of our regenerated mixed-bed resins as a result of a perfectly aligned process of the new regeneration system
  • Quality inspection of each individual batch
  • Simple batch traceability


  • Efficient saving of raw materials