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Ihre Sicherheit ist Grundvoraussetzung

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5 reasons for behr

From a small laboratory equipment dealership to one of the most innovative businesses of the German mid-sized sector

5 goods reasons for behr and for the purchase of behr products

1. behr has a very practical orientation
Good to know that you have a reliable partner at your side!

  • More than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of systems specially designed for food and environmental analysis
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  • behr Service
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  • behr products are sold worldwide in more than 100 countries
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2. behr is customer oriented
behr products simplify your laboratory routine! With behr products you can be rest assured that you get precise and valid measuring results

  • direct contact to our customers, we assist our customers with behr's board of experts, the behr KISS system
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  • The little helpers of behr offer big effects
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behr approved

3. behr is innovative
Innovation pioneer! From sampling to fully automated evaluation

  • patented technologies
  • in-house research and development team
  • constant further development of existing and new products in collaboration with you, our customers
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4. behr is quality
Quality makes the difference! This is why all behr products are "Made in Germany"

  • unconditional quality monitoring and optimization
  • seamless documentation of testing procedures
  • exclusive use of high-quality material and components

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5. behr is sustainable
The biggest responsibility one has is for the things that still lie in the future!

  • The environmentally friendly handling of materials, resources and raw substances is a defining culture at behr
  • Awarded the Ökoprofit certificate

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