Quality made in Germany

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behr stands for Quality made in Germany

Our products are exclusively developed and produced at our site in Germany, and naturally under the observance of the strictest Germany safety standards.

behr looks back at more than 65 years of experience in the laboratory sector. And this is also reflected in our products. Are products are exclusively manufactured from high-quality materials, which gives the highest durability.

This saves costs for our customers and ensures a high degree of safety.

We make use of this experience for the continuous improvement of the design of our devices. We pay close attention to provide the highest quality in our glassware and to thus ensure the very best analysis results in the long term.

Not only is the quality of our products monitored, it is also subject to constant optimization.

For nearly all of our products, production is performed in compliance with international, European and German standards and regulations. behr has its own workshop for electronics, plastics, metal and glass, which ensures optimum in-house production processes.