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The behr KISS principle

The outstanding results are based on the most simple foundations.

Direct customer contact has been the secret of success of the family business for more than 65 years.

We export to more than 100 countries worldwide and attach great importance to long-term customer and business relations. Direct customer contact is particularly important to us.

We understand the needs of your customers and are open to suggestions and ideas.

In the event of problems, we are there to help with our sound expert knowledge.
Our team of experts consists of chemists, biotechnologists, glass instrument designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, technical editors and laboratory agents.

It is important to us to simplify your lab routine, under consideration of precise, exact and reproducible measuring results.

This is why we apply the KISS system in our customer-oriented development and production of products.  

In this context, it makes no difference whether the behr devices are used for food control in Africa or for the exact analysis for the determination of the waste water levy in Germany.

The behr Kiss principle "Keep it simple and safe"  has proven itself in practice for decades and is an essential reason for the successful establishment of behr in the international laboratory sector.

Field report from abroad J. Behr
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The behr KISS System - Keep it simple and safe


  • We pay attention to simple handling and the simple operation of our devices to ensure the very highest degree of ease of use.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand instruction manuals are made available by our technical editors.


  • We manufacture in compliance with CE safety regulations.
  • Each individual device is subject to a product-specific safety inspection prior to delivery.