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Umwelt Analytik - Probenahme


In environmental analysis, the results of chemical analytes and gases, soils or water often form the basis for far-reaching environmental policies and economic decisions. Reliable and reproducible procedures for the individual steps in the process of an analysis are therefore indispensable prerequisites for meaningful and - in the sense of an intentional use - "proper" results.

In waste water analysis according to DIN/DEV (German standardized procedure for water analysis), sampling is the first step in the procedure of every chemical examination. Errors at this stage, can generally not be corrected with analytical and computational measures. Quality assurance in sampling therefore starts with sampling.

The behr product range for sampling encompasses all important products for the storage and transport of samples. Most of the listed products, e.g. hazardous materials canister for chemicals are also in use in other industries, such as the food and feed industry, in the academic field at universities and colleges as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Transparent glass bottles with PTFE closure (new sizes available)

Transparent glass bottles with PTFE closure (with plastic coating)

Available product variants:
Umwelt Analytik - Elutionsapparaturen

Elution equipment

Elution is a separating procedure and is known in environmental analysis as the process resolving or removing adsorbant substances from adsorbants. Hazardous materials are removed in this process and then determined under prescribed conditions and analysis procedures.

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Umwelt Analytik - Chemische Bestimmungen

Chemical determination

The main focus of our product range for chemical analysis consists of the behrotest COD workstation, which the company has been successfully marketing for more than 20 years and with which it is a market leader in Germany. behr also offers an automatic metering and titrating device, the behr DT20, for COD determination. In addition, the assortment encompasses devices for the determination of calcium (Calcimeter), heavy metal (HMA), cyanide (total cyanide, releasable cyanides, ammonium and phenol (WE5/WE1H), fluoride (FBA) and arsenic (KAS) of hydrocarbons.

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Umwelt Analytik - Biologische Bestimmungen

Biological determination

The small but impressive product range of the field of biological determinations consists of biological degradeability (clarification plants), determination of rotting behavior and the determination of biochemical oxygen requirements.

Biological determination:

Determination of biological degradeability

Determination of rotting behavior

Recirculation cooler

Determination of biochemical oxygen requirements:

Mixing equipment

Karlsruhe bottles with stopper

Dilution water container

Diaphragm pump

Recirculation thermostat

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