Andere Labor Instrumente - Umlaufkühler (Umlaufkühler)

Recirculation cooler

behrotest® recirculation coolers of the series UK are ideal for use with behr digestion and distillation systems. The new and improved successor models of our UK 12 series are just as reliable and user-friendly as their predecessor, but perform 20% better.

Available product variants:
Andere Labor Instrumente - Laborschlauchpumpe (Schlauchpumpen)

Hose pumps

behrotest hose pumps PLP have a pump rotor with two compression rollers and four guide rollers. The compression rollers are opposite one another and thus make it possible to seal the hose in any position of the pump rotor.

In doing so, the guide rollers keep the hose optimally in the rotational path of the compression rollers. The delivery scope of the behrotest PLP includes a connection cable with plug (length 1.5 m).

Available product variants:
Andere Labor Instrumente - Überwachungseinheit (Kühlwasserwächter)

Cooling water monitor

behrotest® WD 30 is a user-friendly device for monitoring cooling circuits in the laboratory. If there is a leak in the system, it deactivates the water supply as well as the electric heating device and prevents water damage in the laboratory.

Available product variants:
Andere Labor Instrumente - Heizeinheiten

Heating units

behrotest® heating plates with metal protection grid

Adjustable heating plates for general tasks in the lab. A metal grid protects the user against accidental contact with the hot heating plate.

KP 1, KP 2

behrotest® serial heating benches

Serial heating benches with individually adjustable heating positions. Holders for optionally available stand rods.

HB 4, HB 6

Available product variants:
Andere Labor Instrumente - Sonderanfertigungen

Custom products

Application problems or custom-made laboratory instruments – our team of experts consists of chemists, biotechnologists, glass instrument designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, technical editors and laboratory agents and there is always someone at hand to assist you.

Available product variants: