Biologische Bestimmungen - Bestimmung der biologischen Abbaubarkeit

Determination of biological degradeability

These standardized methods are aimed at testing the elimination and/or eliminability of potentially harmful chemical substances through biodegradation. This results in knowledge of waste water cleaning in communal clarification plants or commercial clarification plants under similar conditions. behrotest® laboratory clarification plants correspond without exception to the requirements of international norms for the examination of biodegradability.

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behrotest laboratory clarification systems

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Biologische Bestimmungen - Bestimmung des biochemischen Sauerstoffbedarfs

Determination of biochemical oxygen requirements

Even today, the biological oxygen requirements are of fundamental significance in terms of controlling biological waste water treatment plants or the oxygen content in bodies of water.

behrotest BSB mixing equipment is reliable and easy to operate. With the matching additional devices - from dilution water container with cooling hose to the recirculation condenser to fine metering device for allylthiourea - entire workstations can be put together. When determining BSB in acc. with DIN 38409 H 51, you considerably reduce personnel output and therefore costs.

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Biologische Bestimmungen - Eudiometereinheit (Bestimmung des Faulverhaltens)

Determination of rotting behavior

Equipment for the determination of rotting behavior

Complete equipment consisting of 6 eudiometer units with stand bottles, 500 ml, eudiometer tubes with scaling, cock and connection tubes with level vessels.

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