Chemische Bestimmungen - CSB-Komplettsysteme

COD complete system

The standard in waste water analysis:

COD determination

COD determination in accordance with DIN/DEV 38409 – H 41 is the binding procedure in accordance with the Work Group AbwAG. Plus it is also a parameter of the Framework Waste Water Work Group for § 7a WHG. Respective or similar standards for COD determination are defined in the Austrian ÖNORM M 6265, ISO 6060 and the ASTM (American Standard Methods) D 1252.

Behr and COD: The ideal partnership

Wherever in Germany chemical oxygen need is determined on the basis of DIN/DEV, users will most likely opt for out devices. Our CSB workstations guarantee you standardized determination of the COD in accordance with:

DIN/DEV 38409 – H 41 (1+2) (COD 15 mg/l)

DIN/DEV 38409 – H43 (COD short-time method)

DIN/DEV 38409 - H44 (COD 5 to 50 mg)

Our complete workstations for 6 or 12 sample positions in 2 variants are the standard configuration for COD digestions and for complete COD determinations, incl. titration. For extraordinary sample matrices and high sample through-put, we naturally offer individual device combinations with the respective accessories.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Schwermetall-Aufschlussysteme

Heavy metal digestion systems

The aqua regia digestion for the separation of metal compounds in the dry state of sludges and sediments is the primary area of use of the behrotest HMD program. Precision heating block thermostats for 6 or 12 digestion devices can be combined with precisely coordinated peripheral devices to full-fledge workstations.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Bestimmungen von Cyaniden

Determination of cyanides

Cyanides are the salts of hydrocyanic acid. Cyanides are used in large quantities as intermediate product in the org. synthesis, in colorants, pesticides, surface refinement of metals, electroplating and acquisition of precious metals. Cyanides in the waste water of such processing companies are a huge problem and pose a great risk to water bodies. As a result of accidents involving material containing cyanide, entire fish populations have been wiped out within an area of hundreds of kilometer. The risk is so great, that even drinking water guidelines prescribe the regular inspection for cyanides.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Automatischer Dosier/Titrator (Vollautomatische Dosierer/Titrierer für CSB)

Fully automated metering/titration for COD

behrotest DT 20

The fully automated metering unit / titrator DT20 is the the perfect supplementation of the COD program for laboratories with high sample volume. It automates and accelerates the stations considerably during COD determination.

behrotest DT20 combines and automate during COD determination, the metering of calcium chromate solution and concentrated sulfuric acid and then the subsequent titration.

This way, behrotest DT20 makes work easier for the user and helps save time and costs.

Optimized sample preparation

With its time-optimized interval metering function, behrotest DT20 considerably facilitates the time-consuming process of COD sample preparation. At this same time, this metering method prevents the behrotest from causing non-DIN/DEV-compliant overheating of the samples when adding sulfuric acid.

Security in every phase

Thanks to the automatic reagent addition, during metering as well as titration, there never is a risk of coming into contact with the chemicals.

Reagent monitor

During metering as well as titrating, reagent monitors ensure that there is a sufficient amount of chemicals in the bottles at the beginning of the action. Examinations that fail as a result of lacking reagents are ruled out.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Kompaktsystem (Arsen-Bestimmung)

Arsenic determination

Distillation equipment KAS for the determination of Arsenic

The behrotest distillation equipment is used for the determination of arsenic and organically bound arsenic in drinking water, ground water and surface water in a concentration range of 1 mcg to 10 mcg/l. Higher concentrations can be determined after the water sample has been diluted accordingly.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Destillationsapparatur (Selen-Bestimmung)

Selenium determination

Complete distillation equipment consists of a base stand with specially adjustable flowmeter 10-100 I/H and condenser stand, adjustable heating unit, glass set with flasks, condensate reservoir, condenser and gas line connection incl. cooling water hoses

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Kompaktapparaturen (Sulfid-Bestimmung)

Sulfide determination

behrotest compact system for a sample of dissolved and easily releasable sulfide

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Reihen-Wasserdampferzeuger (Phenol- und Ammoniumstickstoff-Bestimmung)

Phenol and ammonium-nitrogen determination

behrotest ® distillation equipment to determine the phenol index in accordance with DIN / DEV 38409 - H 16 and the ammonium nitrogen in accordance with DIN / DEV 38406 – E 5

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Calcimeter (Bestimmung des Carbonat-Gehalts in Böden)

Determination of carbonate content in soils

The carbonate content of the soil is a reliable indicator for the fertility of soil. behrotest® Calcimeter were developed for the determination of carbon content in up to five samples, e.g. in agricultural areas, winegrowing, in pomicutura, etc. They comply with ISO 10693, DIN 19682 and DIN 19684.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Extraktionseinheit (Kohlenwasserstoff-Bestimmung)

Hydrocarbon determination

Sample preparation for hydrocarbon determination in accordance with DIN/ISO includes of the following behrotest equipment:

1. Extraction unit EX 1000

2. Clean-up station CUS 2

3. Nitrogen station KOSTA 2

4. Centrifuge glass ZG50

Precise analysis is guaranteed with the highest possible workmanship of the constructed behrotest glass form and the exact graduation of the glass.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Extraktionsapparatur (Bestimmung des Formaldehydgehalts)

Determination of formaldehyde

behrotest® extraction apparatus for the determination of formaldehyde content in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12460-5:2016-5

DIN EN ISO 12460-5:2016-5 specifies an extraction method known as the "perforator method". It is used to determine the formaldehyde content of uncoated and unpainted wood materials. The purpose of the perforator method is the in-house production control of formaldehyde emission of wood-based materials. Formaldehyde is extracted from test objects with boiling toluene and released to distilled or demineralized water. The formaldehyde content of this aqueous solution is determined photometrically using the acetylacetone method.

Available product variants:
Chemische Bestimmungen - Komplettsystem (Bestimmung des Permanganat-Index)

Determination of permanganate index

The workstation behrotest® PI 12 is used to determine the permanganate index in water according to EN ISO 8467. Thus, especially drinking and raw water, as well as source and surface water is assessed. The method is suitable for the waters with a chloride concentration of less than 300 mg/L.

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