behr POX 10

Halogenanalyse - Ausblaseinheit (POX)
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Blow-out unit

behr CL 10 analysis unit with behr POX 10 module for the direct determination of easily volatile halogenated hydrocarbons

In behr POX10 two 100 ml water samples are tempered in the strip vessel with overlead. The strip vessels are directly connected to the combustion pipe of the Cl10 and the volatile halogenated hydrocarbons are stripped and mineralized from the gas flow from the tempered water sample in the furnace chamber which has been heated to 950°C.

  • Thermostat for two sample vessels.
  • Time savings through alternating tempering and blow out of samples for direct connection to the CL 10
  • With integrated software for GLP-conform data management of sample preparation up to evaluation
  • Upon request also transfer of results to the LIMS system

  Halogenanalyse - Ausblaseinheit (POX) - POX 10 [B00632323]
POX 10
Item number B00632323
Packaging quantity 1
Width (in cm) 20.00
Depth (in cm) 33.00
Height (in cm) 37.00
Weight (in kg) 11.00
Controller Nein
Power consumption (in W) 250


  • Results can be transmitted to LIMS systems (customer-specific, on request).
  • Thermostat for two sample vessels.
  • Saves time through alternating tempering and blowing out of samples.
  • Software and behr CL 10 easy to operate
  • Export of results in a text file or Excel

Integrated software from sample preparation to the evaluation of GLP-compliant data management

  • Petrochemicals
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POX 10 POX heating block for 2 strip vessels 100 ml for the direct connection to the behr Cl 10 incl. accessories