behrotest maintenance set

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behr maintenance sets prevent bigger problems!

High-quality and precision devices are just two foundations of your daily analysis results evaluation. Maintaining these foundations in the long term and avoiding costly damages resulting from wear and tear is our task!

behr maintenance sets

behrotest® maintenance set

durable - safe - simple behr

The main reasons for complaints can be attributed to the failure to continuously monitor and renew main wear parts. Our maintenance sets are valuable helpers for routine checks. The behr maintenance set contains all key wear parts, which can be easily exchanged. Practical and easy to open service back panels (S-device series) provide added ease in replacing parts.

Your benefits at a glance:   

  • Prevention of downtimes & further damages
  • All important wear parts in one set
  • Assistance with problems from our technical service unit
  • All maintenance sets are supplied with practical exchange instructions

behrotest® maintenance set for CN6

behrotest® maintenance set for S1-S5

behrotest® maintenance set for CF2+2

behrotest® maintenance set for CF6

Good to know

Only behr genuine parts ensure to require quality for use in behr devices.
Just how important details can be in terms of contributing to the quality-based overall interaction of technical components can only be seen once they suddenly stop working. Do not leave anything up to coincidence.

Only use behr genuine parts. Because there's nothing better than precision & quality.