behrotest PTFE sleeve

Fill-level sensor with acoustic signal

Cooling water monitor

Drip tray for ground joint connections

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-behr-'s little helpers have quite a big effect!

Isn't it nice that things are easy sometimes? The little helpers from behr support you in your daily lab routine. Be astonished at just how universal in use they are.

Fully in line with the behr KISS principle.

-Good to know-
that missing behrotest boiling stones
can lead to bumping.

behrotest® boiling stones SIST 100

Order number:
B00217914, behrotest® boiling stones, 100 g

-Good to know-
that temperature monitoring
and checking work smoothly.

behrotest® COD test unit

Order number:
B00217900, type: COD test, behrotest ® COD test unit to control heating temperature of the vessel, air cooler, thermometer

-Good to know-
having a stable stand
for ground joint instruments.

behrotest® stand for ground joint instruments (NS29) with drip tray

Order numbers:
B00610192, type: UAK12/29, behrotest ® stand for 12 glass vessel with NS29- ground-glass joint incl. drip tray

-Good to know-
that spilled chemicals
are safely intercepted.

behrotest® safety tray
made of stainless steel

Order number:
B00660644, type: WAR, behrotest® safety tray made of stainless steel

-Good to know-
that water damages
can be avoided.

behrotest® cooling water monitor

Order number:
B00645358, type: WD30, behrotest® cooling water monitor with emergency off supply + water feed

-Good to know-
that you have a product that can be used
throughout your entire lab routine.

behrotest® magnetic stirring bars

Order numbers:
B00620571, type: MS-Set 1, behrotest® Magnetic stirring rods set 1, consisting of: 2x20x6 mm, 2x25x6 mm, 2x30x6 mm, 2x40x8 mm, 1x50x8 mm, 1x60x9 mm
B00632211, type: MS-set 2, behrotest® magnetic stirring rods set 2, consisting of: 1x15x6 mm, 2x20x6 mm, 2x25x6 mm, 1x30x6 mm, 2x40x8 mm, 1x50x8 mm, 1x60x9 mm + magnetic stirring rod remover

-Good to know-
that behr has an alternative solution
to the frequently used lubricating
grease during extraction, the behr
PTFE sleeves. Prevent leaks and
the congestion of the ground joint.

PTFE sleeves

Order numbers:
B00217905, type: PTFE 29, PTFE sleeves e.g. for 30ml extraction
B00602392, type: PTFE 34, PTFE sleeves e.g. for 60ml extraction
B00217909, type: PTFE 45, PTFE sleeves e.g. for 100ml and 250ml extraction
B00602391, type: PTFE 60, PTFE sleeves e.g. for 500ml extraction
B00602374, type: PTFE 71, PTFE sleeves e.g. for 1000ml extraction

-Good to know-
that during analysis there
is still a sufficient amount
of liquid in the canisters and
that the waste container
doesn't run over!

behrotest® min/max fill level sensor for canisters with acoustic alarm

Order numbers:

Sensors for monitoring maximum fill level

Suitable for canisters of 5-60 liters, and much more.
B00210221, material: PVC, type name:FS001
B00210222, material: PP, type name:FS002

sensors for monitoring a minimal level

Suitable for 5-10 liter canisters
B00210223, material: PVC, type name: FS003
B00210227, material: PP, type name: FS007

Suitable for 20-30 liter canisters
B00210224, material: PVC, type name:FS004
B00210228, material: PP, type name:FS008

Suitable for 60 liter canisters
B00210225, material: PVC, type name: FS005
B00210229, material: PP, type name: FS009

Suitable for 120/220 liter barrels
B00210226, material: PVC, type name: FS006
B00210230, material: PP, type name: FS010