Extraktion - Klassische Extraktion: Soxhlet

Soxhlet extraction

The standard method for extraction is the Soxhlet method.

behr equipment for Soxhlet extraction comply with the most various requirements of daily laboratory routines.

Complete single extraction units with basic rack, heating device, holder, hoses and glassware (reaction flasks, extractor, Dimroth condenser for extraction). Infinitely variable heating regulation

Direct introduction of solvent after the extraction cycle into the reservoir.

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Extraktion - Twisselmann Extraktion

Twisselmann Extraction

With the Twisselmann procedure, the vessel in the extraction sleeve is open at the bottom, so that the extracts flows directly back into the distillation flask. The extraction sleeve is always rinsed from the top with solvent and hot steam flows all around from below.

Twisselmann extraction is available in the following models: Single position, 4 positions and 6 positions

Between 30% - 60% faster than the classic Soxhlet method (depending on sample material).

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Extraktion - Randall Extraktion

Randall Extraction

The hot extraction procedure according to Randall consists of three steps:




Due to the short extraction duration, hot extraction is also gentle for the extractant. There are now an increasing number of standardized analyses procedures that make use of hot extraction.

Up to 40% - 70% faster than the classic Soxhlet method (depending on sample material)

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Extraktion - Hydrolyse


The quantitative determination of the fat content of the foodstuff is performed by means of extraction with a solvent. The "free fat" is determined directly via extraction. The "total fat content" contains, with the exception of the "free fat", also the "bound fats" that are dissolved by acid digestion (hydrolysis).

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